Operation Rose is a nonprofit organization that is actively educating, preventing, and combating human trafficking in Middle TN and beyond. The organization was founded in January 2021, in support of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, by Robert Young who is the founder of Covert Results, a private investigations, and security firm. The foundation headquarters is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Human trafficking in Nashville is a prolific problem and is the second largest crime globally, surpassed only by illegal drugs, and the number of victims has tripled from 2008 to 2017. Human trafficking in Nashville is a trafficker's paradise with 3 interstate systems and access to over 53,189 hotel rooms in the Nashville Metro Area.


To curb this horrific crime, Operation Rose fights human trafficking right where it happens; the hospitality industry.

Operation Rose takes human trafficking training to a greater level. By working with the hospitality industry in Nashville, Operation Rose trains any and every hotel with live and in person training on the signs and indicators of human trafficking, so that each department will be able to recognize and prevent human trafficking. Operation Rose also provides informational signage and hallmark branding for hotels to show that they are properly trained to fight human trafficking.

Within Operation Rose's first year, they were able to work with local council members to create and pass a resolution that suggests the hospitality industry get live and in person human trafficking training, and post signage regarding human trafficking in their facility.